SOT FDA Colloquium: New Plant-Based Foods and Proteins from Novel Sources

On December 3, 2020, an SOT and US FDA colloquium discussed "New Plant-Based Foods and Proteins from Novel Sources."

Plant-based foods and proteins from novel sources are gaining interest from food manufacturers and consumers. Consumers may see these products in the grocery store in the form of foods like plant-based burgers and sausages, egg substitutes and non-dairy frozen desserts, with more products reported to be under development. This colloquium will provide topical information about plant-based foods and the food use of proteins from novel sources. Topics examined will include the historical food use of proteins from novel sources and current trends regarding plant-based foods. The colloquium will explore why firms and consumers are interested in plant proteins and proteins from novel sources, the function of these proteins in food, and any food safety considerations associated with the use of these proteins. The future application of modern molecular techniques to produce proteins with desired food characteristics will also be discussed.