Toxicology Is Part of the Solution—Jay I. Goodman, SOT Past President, 1999–2000

In conjunction with the Society’s 50th anniversary in 2011, several SOT Past Presidents were interviewed about toxicology and their experiences as members of SOT.

Many people associate toxicology with poisons. In fact, toxicologists are the scientists who discover and describe how to reduce exposures and ways to use chemicals safely.

Jay I. Goodman, SOT Past President, 1999–2000
Dr. Jay Goodman is a Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology at Michigan State University. Dr. Goodman’s research interests are in the area of epigenetics and the role(s) that change DNA methylation may play in carcinogenesis and other possible endpoints. He is testing the hypothesis that susceptibility to carcinogenesis is related inversely to the capacity to maintain normal patterns of DNA metylation. Dr. Goodman received his PhD in Pharmacology from the University of Michigan.