2015 SOT Education-Career Development Session: What Toxicologist Do You Wanna Be?

Chairperson(s): Sudheer Beedanagari, Bristol-Myers Squibb, East Brunswick, NJ, and Erica D. Bruce, Baylor University, Waco, TX.

Endorser(s): Association of Scientists of Indian Origin Special Interest Group; Career Resource and Development Committee; Graduate Student Leadership Committee

Participants across SOT, namely students and postdocs, who are geared up to transition into their full-time career paths of choice as toxicologists do not have a good understanding of what toxicologists do on a day-to-day basis while working in diverse industries/organizations. Although academic toxicology training programs across the globe are training the students well in the principles and concepts of toxicology, they come short in educating the students/postdocs on the role they play as toxicologists in real-world job scenarios across diverse industries/organizations. Based on these needs and to better equip our young toxicologists, an informational session/education career development session that highlights or summarizes the different roles toxicologists play in the real-world job settings would be of immense value to students/postdocs in evaluating if their training/personality suits them better in a specific industry/organization over the others. Although it is impossible to cover all the organizations where toxicologists play an important role in one CRAD/informational session, we attempted to represent the major organizations where toxicologists are hired predominantly in the recent years. Each of the five speakers will be covering the following general topics as part of their 15-minute presentations: (1) How and why the speaker ended up with their respective current affiliated organizations; (2) How they went about securing their first job; (3) The kinds of training/soft skills/interpersonal skills needed to find a job in their respective organizations; (4) The kind of career-growth opportunities an entry-level toxicologist will have with the organization or respective industry; (5) The ONE thing the speaker most likes about their job; (6) The ONE thing the speaker most hates about their job.