2016 SOT Informational Session: Why Did the Scientific Program Committee Reject My Proposal?

Informational Session: Why Did the Scientific Program Committee Reject My Proposal? Developing a Good Idea into an Accepted SOT Session

Chairperson(s): John B. Morris, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT; and Patricia E. Ganey, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI.

Endorser(s): Scientific Program Committee

The scientific sessions at the Annual Meeting are selected from proposals submitted by the membership. In this way the Scientific Program
Committee (SPC) ensures the Annual Meeting Program is responsive to the overall membership needs. Every year, many more proposals for
sessions are received than could possibly be scheduled in the Annual Meeting. Thus, less than one-half of the proposals submitted for scientific sessions (symposia, workshops, informational sessions, roundtable sessions, regional interest sessions, and historical highlights) are accepted.
Although many of the rejected proposals focus on a highly pertinent topic, they ultimately fail because of weaknesses in critical aspects of the
submission. The SPC, which carefully considers input from SOT Specialty Sections, Special Interest Groups, and Committees (i.e., “component
groups”), is responsible for selection of the scientific sessions that are presented at the Annual Meeting. This informational session is being hosted by the SPC with the objective to help members develop highquality proposals for these scientific sessions. Participants will learn about the process by which proposals are selected to gain an appreciation for
the value of working with one or more component groups during the development stage. Aspects of proposals that are critical to acceptance
(thorough development of abstracts, balance among speakers, etc.), as well as those that can reduce enthusiasm, will be discussed. The session
will conclude with a 20-minute question and answer period during which session attendees will be encouraged to address the speakers, all of whom are members of the SPC, in an informal setting. This session supplements the “Best Practices—Proposal Submission and Review” webinar hosted by SOT for component groups at the beginning of March.
(Abstract #2959)

12:30 Introduction: Annual Meeting Goals and the
Process for Scientific Session Selection. J.B.
Morris. University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT.

12:50 Another Year, Another Rejection: The Anatomy of a Bad Proposal. M.B. Genter. University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH.

1:10 Constructing a Competitive Proposal:
Increasing the Likelihood of Acceptance. B.S.
McIntyre. NIEHS, Research Triangle Park, NC.

1:30 Panel Discussion. L.M. Sweeney. Navy Medical
Research Unit Dayton, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH,
and Henry M. Jackson Foundation, Bethesda, MD.