Eminent Toxicologist Lecture Series: Frontiers in Nanotoxicology of the Skin

Dr. Nancy Monteiro-Riviere introduces the exciting field of nanotechnology which has been transforming many aspects of everyday life, ranging from cosmetics and sunscreens to new electronics and nanomedicines. Nanomaterials are substances less than 100nm in size that exhibit physical, chemical, and /or biological characteristics associated with the nanostructure. This lecture focuses on how the safety of these novel nanomaterials is vastly different from traditional chemicals and drugs. Because the skin is the major route of exposure where many nanomaterials interact with the body, her research focuses on this organ. The role of the physicochemical parameters that modify cellular uptake and lead to biomolecular corona formation and interactions with cells are discussed. Having worked in this field since its inception now over a decade ago, she tracks how the latest techniques in cell culture, in vitro absorption systems, biomarkers, electron microscopy, analytical chemistry, and animal model development have been applied to this problem with varied levels of success.

The Eminent Toxicologist Lectures are historically relevant, high-quality presentations appropriate for senior undergraduate students, graduate students, or the scientifically oriented general public. This series of lectures was produced by the Education Committee Undergraduate Subcommittee in conjunction with the Eminent Toxicologist Working Group.