2017 SOT FDA Colloquium: Considerations for the Determination of Adversity in Food Chemical Safety

The Society of Toxicology in conjunction with the US FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN) have partnered to provide this colloquia series. The series presents scientific information that is high-quality, cutting-edge, future-oriented toxicological science to provide a well-grounded foundation to inform the work of US FDA employees.

On March 27, 2017, SOT and US FDA hosted a colloquium on the "Considerations for the Determination of Adversity in Food Chemical Safety Evaluations."

This colloquium began by introducing current concepts underlying determinations of adversity from food compounds utilizing chemical characterization, in vitro or in silico assays, as well as animal and human toxicology studies. Second, the definitions of adversity (harm) were considered in the context of the laws and regulations that apply to foods and food ingredients. Third, a case study on low calorie sweeteners was provided to illustrate determinations of adversity by describing what data were used in the assessment of safety. Fourth, alternatives to the current frameworks for adversity determinations were discussed in terms of their strengths and weaknesses considering a toxicological, decision-making and public perspective. Finally, the colloquium concluded with a panel discussion addressing the key issues brought up by the speakers and questions from participants.