In It to Win It: How to Negotiate During the Interview Process

After years of professional training, early-career toxicologists are eager to start interviewing to finally secure their dream job. While nailing the interview is important, navigating the delicate process of negotiations is critical to successfully sealing the deal. However, negotiations are often kept private, giving trainees little knowledge of negotiation logistics and etiquette. Further, negotiating procedure and tactics can vary widely between academia, industry, and government. This session is designed to provide trainees with tips and strategies that will help them successfully navigate the negotiation process. Speakers, representing successful toxicologists from academia, industry, and government, will: 1) provide an overview of the negotiation process; 2) give advice on specific items that are included in recruitment packages; and 3) present practical examples of negotiating skills and techniques. The presentations will be interactive and
will engage the audience through live polling technology, role playing, and mock negotiations. These discussions will be highly relevant to all student and postdoctoral attendees, as well as senior toxicologists considering a transition across the professional sectors. This career development session will stimulate an active discussion about how negotiations proceed and provide trainees with strategies, tips, and the confidence to navigate this
daunting process and secure their dream job.

Strategies for Negotiating Both Salary Compensation and Start-Up Package to Assure Productivity and Success in Your First Academic
Job at a Research-Intensive Institution. John Richburg, University of Texas, Austin, TX.

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Negotiating with the Federal Government: What’s Actually on the Table? Tamara Tal, US EPA, Research Triangle Park, NC.